Fuels reduction projects to reduce the risk of wildland fire are a high priority in Alpine County and several have been undertaken or are ongoing, including neighborhood fire breaks and larger scale fuels reduction projects on federal lands. Fuel reduction projects and priorities have also been developed in a CWPP for the County. The County received a grant to prepare a more detailed hazard mitigation plan. SIG was selected and are preparing the Wildfire Hazards Mitigation Plan for Alpine County. The plan includes an evaluation of fire hazard risks through modeling, identification and ranking of HVRAs through a collaborative process with a steering committee, identification of three priority projects including defining the specific fuel treatments, and defining the costs associated with those treatments. SIG is preparing the plan and Panorama is leading the outreach effort strategy and the CEQA and potentially, NEPA documentation for the project. The plan will include the modeling results and fire hazard risks, the important infrastructure and resources to be protected, and the detailed implementation plan of the projects.