We are providing geospatial capacity building training events to governments, universities, research institutions and NGOs across the Caribbean to advance environmental decision making based on geospatial technology, information and data. This is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is focused on two topics: mangrove monitoring using land use/cover change mapping approaches, and flood monitoring approaches that integrate climate and hydrological data. The aim is to strengthen the resilience to natural disasters of local communities.

Read more about this initiative here: https://servir.ciat.cgiar.org/collaboration-with-caribbean-countries-to-combat-climate-change/

Throughout 2023, we will be providing 12 days of virtual and in person trainings hosted in 5 cities across the Caribbean. All of the materials will be available online, and we welcome any user to visit the website and work through the lessons. We cover topics including: Introduction to GIS with QGIS, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Introduction to Google Earth Engine, Introduction to Radar, Mapping Using Multiple Sensors (Flood or Mangroves), Map Validation Using Collect Earth Online, Change Detection (Flood or Mangroves), and Introduction to Python and ArcPy.

Barbados Training  (English)

Guyana Training  (English)

Trinidad and Tobago Training  (English)

Dominican Republic Training  (Spanish)

Suriname Training (English)

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