co2_graySpatial Informatics Group (SIG) brings top level expertise to carbon quantification, forest modeling, project support, documentation, monitoring and policy development. Our Carbon Offset Team has helped landowners in the development of over 8.3 million carbon offset credits on 533,000 acres under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), California Air Resources Board (ARB) and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). We have also developed the Forest Carbon Assessor™, an analytical tool which can assist in quickly determining a project’s feasibility by estimating carbon credits under a range of protocols from forest inventory data. We provide a full line of carbon offset services, including:

Project Assessment

  • Provide cursory or detailed estimates of marketable forest carbon credits
  • Conduct market analysis of voluntary and compliance markets
  • Estimate project costs and forecast revenues

Project Analytics and Accounting

  • Development or provide support in project listing, inventory, growth modeling, baseline development, and carbon reduction calculations
  • Conduct inventory updates, monitoring, and reporting
  • Provide verification assistance

Project Financing and Credit Sale

  • Full project development financing
  • Find the best price for offset sales

Protocol Development and Compliance

  • Develop new or refine existing carbon accounting protocols and standards
  • Help clients to navigate and become compliant with protocols and standards adopted by Climate Action Reserve (CAR), California Air Resources Board (ARB), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and international programs, such as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) efforts

Project Documentation and Origination

  • Prepare all or any part of project documentation requirements
  • Represent landowners in selecting project investors
    Provide full project management services or one-off analysis and documentation services.


  • Conduct landscape-scale spatial analysis to develop baselines
  • Provide project-level inventory and design, training and monitoring
  • Facilitate community participation
For more information on our Carbon Offset Program, Please contact Dr. Charles Kerchner: Phone: (802) 999-6986 Email:

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